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Blog: Autism Awareness Month

by Anonymous

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, I am asking my family and friends here to share this blog with others and implement the challenge I am about to state. Sometimes people with disabilities, including those on the autism spectrum, are continually adapting, growing, and learning to meet societal norms and expectations; we also learn how to effectively communicate and develop relationships with people that do not have disabilities. Unfortunately, we find that some people without disabilities are not taught how to effectively communicate and develop relationships with people with disabilities who have different communication needs and learning styles which may need to be accommodated and supported.

To my family and friends that may not be on the ASD spectrum/have a disability or may not have the experience and/or knowledge of supporting people with disabilities, I challenge you to become more educated about autism and disabilities and to find ways to build positive rapport with individuals with disabilities in terms of communication and relationships. Please share this blog as I would love others to read it and take on the challenge of promoting more autism and disability awareness and advocacy. Thank you! #autism #autismawareness #autismadvocate

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