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Blog: Challenges people with disabilities might face on a daily basis

by Anonymous

People with disabilities face various challenges, and several factors influence these challenges that people with disabilities embrace on a daily basis. While some people with disabilities are capable of living independently, some are also in need of assistance and support.

Some people may associate the word “disability” with a negative connotation, such as relating those with disabilities to experiencing a poor quality of life or living an unhealthy lifestyle. People in society sometimes treat individuals with disabilities as people that need to be cured or expect people with disabilities to follow the same societal expectations as people without disabilities. Some people with disabilities feel as though they often fall short of trying to execute independent living skills. Often, people with disabilities may feel as though they do not fit in with society.

Communication challenges are also common for people with disabilities when they experience difficulties with speaking, hearing, writing, as well as difficulty comprehending one’s surroundings and the events that are taking place in one’s life. As a result of communication challenges they face, some people with disabilities may have difficulty expressing thoughts and emotions in relation to the people, places, and things they interact with. Those with mobility issues will experience access issues with environments and structures that are not universally designed to accommodate all individuals with disabilities. Unfortunately, some people with disabilities also experience policy issues which makes it difficult for them to access federally funded programs. Some examples of policy issues people with disabilities may face include the denial of: reasonable accommodations in post-secondary education and employment, benefits, services, or the same opportunities to participate as individuals without disabilities. Healthcare access and quality of healthcare is another daily challenge that people with disabilities endure.

It can also be challenging for people with disabilities to navigate both private and public transportation in relation to access, mobility, and scheduling. Transportation difficulties can arise either in an Uber or public bus for example. Lastly, relationships can sometimes be difficult to obtain or maintain due to the challenges that people with disabilities embrace on a daily basis.

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