Blog: Misconceptions about disability

Updated: Jul 25

Blog by Anonymous


What do some people think when they hear the word “disability”? Some people make the assumption that people with disabilities live a poor quality of life while others may assume that individuals with disabilities are unhealthy. Some people in society assume individuals with disabilities won’t be able to own a home, drive a car, go to college, gain employment, have a relationship, or get married and have kids.

Why do people in society make these assumptions about people with disabilities?

Sometimes there is a lack of understanding. In other words, an individual without a disability may not put themselves in the shoes of an individual with a disability. For example, while one might acknowledge seeing someone that is legally blind, they don’t acknowledge the difficulties of being legally blind in which the individual without a disability is not able to empathize. Unfortunately, there are some people in society that are not aware of or educated about disabilities; another example of this is misunderstanding autism spectrum disorders (ASD). While there are some people in society that learn about ASD, it does not me