Blog: My Biggest Challenge Living with Invisible Disabilities

QUESTION: What are the biggest daily challenges for those with disabilities?

Blog by Hana Gabrielle Bidon (she/her).


Personally, my biggest challenge living with invisible disabilities is not being taken seriously when disclosing them to people. When I inform people that I'm autistic, lots of people throughout my life, including strangers, former friends, and professors, stated that I don't look autistic or that I'm too "high-functioning" to be autistic. A common misconception is that there is only one look to autism: a white cisgender boy who is obsessed with trains and/or dinosaurs and is academically gifted in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) field. In reality, anyone regardless of their background can be autistic. People of color can be autistic. Women and nonbinary people can be autistic. People from various socioeconomic backgrounds can be autistic. Not every autistic person specializes in a STEM field or is even interested in STEM. Every autistic person you meet is different from each other. As one would say, "If you met one autistic person, then you met one autistic person."

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