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Blog: Living a fulfilling life without full use of mind, body, and sometimes both

Updated: Feb 25

By Melissa Temple

Sometimes living with multiple medical conditions or disabilities get to where we think we can’t take anymore or deal with all of it. I know I have been there multiple times myself, especially when a new symptom pops up, and I am questioning if it is part of my already ongoing saga of illnesses or something new. When my body fails me, I turn to things I love to do. I keep a fun list of things that I love and can distract me from whatever is happening with my life or my body.

I then will set some time in order to do some of these items and focus on having fun and not dealing with more doctors or meds for a while. It can be something simple like reading a book. I can always order something from Amazon and don’t have to even leave my house. Or if I am feeling more adventurous, I might call up a friend and ask them to go to lunch. I will have my daughter put my mobility scooter together, and I will just go for a ride in my neighborhood and maybe even play some Pokémon Go!

The point here is to have some things that you can do that make you happy so when you are feeling those down moments because your body is failing you, you can take your power back and LIVE! Our lives are filled with enough sorrow, pain and meds. Set some time aside for you to breathe and have a little fun!

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