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Congrats to CODA!

Have you seen the film?

The movie CODA took home three awards at the Oscars on Sunday, and this historic moment was a win for disability representation onscreen.

CODA is an acronym for ‘Child of Deaf Adults’, as is the main character of the movie. She navigates high school, friends, and a budding romance as the only hearing member of her family. She also loves to sing.

At Bachelor’s in Disability, we would love to uplift the viewpoints of d/Deaf and HoH people, and CODAs. This film is certainly breaking barriers— with onscreen captions for those who don’t know sign language to the Deaf actors playing Deaf roles. But this story focuses on the hearing member of the family.

How can film really center Deaf folks and culture?

Image Description: The picture reads "Congrats to CODA! - BEST PICTURE, BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR TROY KOTSUR, BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY." The font is in black. On the left hand side, there is a yellow trophy with stars bursting out of it. The background of the photo is also in the same yellowish green as the trophy.

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