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Meet Liz: Graphic Designer + Board Member

Accessibility: Captions are on the screen, transcript is below the caption.

Meet Liz Pritchard (she/her). Liz is a Graphic Designer: she designed our logo and banner, and she serves as a key member of the Board at Bachelor’s in Disability. She has multiple invisible disabilities— and we are so grateful she brings those experiences to her leadership.

Liz is an artist, creator of a comic you can check out! (Her artwork page is linked on the “Our Team” webpage! Check our bio!) Art is more than imagery for Liz— listen to what the mode of expression offers her, and everyone she works with. We are glad to have Liz on our team.


“Hi, I’m Liz Pritchard, a neurodiverse artist and advocate who illustrates inclusion for all kinds of minds. Yeah. I have a mix of invisible disabilities, and art has always provided a healthy vehicle to express and connect when the words didn’t always come easy.

So what I do is I create an original comic book series, and my series is called ‘Paperbag Comic’ and it’s about learning to love yourself in spite of your challenges and labels.

And I think the importance of starting more conversations about negative stigma and bridge gaps between the truths and misconceptions is really critical at this time. Especially right now, in this world and society.

And that’s why I wanted to help out with Bachelor’s in Disability, because I think it can, you know, be an amazing, amazing way to keep the conversations going and erase the negative stigmas, and starting healthy conversations about disability in general.”

So yeah, I also teach classes as an art instructor at a creative arts center for all ages and abilities: Spectrum Creative Arts. We all have a unique set of challenges, but I think we all have something to contribute despite our labels.”

End transcript.

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