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Two Week Report

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

It has been just over two weeks since the launch of Bachelor's in Disability, or ‘BiD.’ The response has been terrific. We had a couple of new subscribers with in an hour of launch, and that number is currently at three or four. However, the total is sixty-five; when I add the old list. I had someone ask a question via the form within a day. And, three within a week. One asked three very interesting questions. Plus, today I got another, amazing question. Here is the list of questions (perhaps they will cause you to think of a question):

· What are the best ways to support people with disabilities as an able-bodied individual?

· What types of support/accommodations are most helpful to people with disabilities in a school setting?

· What are the biggest daily challenges for those with disabilities?

· What might someone who isn’t disabled take for granted?

· How do you feel you are able to live a fulfilling life without full use of your mind or body or sometime both?

· How do blind people navigate cities and spaces?”

I spoke with our Social Media Manager, on Monday, whom is doing a fantastic job. She is not only posting on various platforms, but she’s also replying to comments, and following up with people. Here are some things she shared with me:

A couple ‘stories’ or moments in social media:

o Across platforms, people agreed— travel is a theme of a disability headache… if people can even travel at all. One disabled person shared they couldn’t visit family for holidays even before COVID-19.

o The video was shared over 20 times at least.

o People with disabilities are voicing the truth: there are so many needs for accessibility, it can be nearly impossible for one person to cover them all. And one person might need something very different from another. The people are already calling out nuance, and it’s poignant.

On Facebook, we had 100 followers within twenty-four hours. As of Monday night, we had 151 followers and over twenty shares of the video.

On Instagram, we had 50 likes within twenty-four hours. As of Monday night, we had 61 followers.

On Linkedin, we have 29 followers.

On Twitter, we have 3 followers, other than us. However, one them is pretty influential.

YouTube is currently the least followed. However, with only one video, I’m not worrying yet.

With all of these platforms, there are plans to increase engagement. However, the best way to spread the word is if you share or retweet post.

What’s Next…

My personal idea is that every other week, staring in January, I will post an intro video for a question, and I will get four people to write/video a blog to be posted during the two-week period.

If you have a disability, and are willing to write/video a blog, please contact me.

Tim Doran

Founder of Bachelor's in Disability

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