Two Week Report

Updated: Jan 8

It has been just over two weeks since the launch of Bachelor's in Disability, or ‘BiD.’ The response has been terrific. We had a couple of new subscribers with in an hour of launch, and that number is currently at three or four. However, the total is sixty-five; when I add the old list. I had someone ask a question via the form within a day. And, three within a week. One asked three very interesting questions. Plus, today I got another, amazing question. Here is the list of questions (perhaps they will cause you to think of a question):

· What are the best ways to support people with disabilities as an able-bodied individual?

· What types of support/accommodations are most helpful to people with disabilities in a school setting?

· What are the biggest daily challenges for those with disabilities?

· What might someone who isn’t disabled take for granted?

· How do you feel you are able to live a fulfilling life without full use of your mind or body or sometime both?