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We are hiring!

It’s happening again… we are hiring! This time, we are looking for a Human Resources Coordinator as well as a Financial Officer Volunteer! Head on over to to check out the full descriptions for both positions.

This little nonprofit is growing, and we are looking for the perfect people to join our team!

Here are some of the highlights about Bachelor's in Disability:

  • We are fully remote!

  • We are working from geographically all over the U.S., some East Coast, some West Coast.

  • We use a variety of communication methods to ensure everyone can participate.

  • Bachelor’s in Disability was recently awarded nonprofit status! This role will have a profound impact on the organization’s ability to equitably grow!

  • The applications will close in one week on Wednesday, March 16 at 5 pm EST.

  • We encourage disabled people/people with disabilities to apply.

Again, check out for the full postings! If you'd like to apply for the positions, head on over to our “Apply” form linked here. We’re excited to hear from you!

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