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We are hiring!

So, do

you find financial strategy fun? You look for grants and small nonprofit awards like a scavenger hunt? Well, keep reading!

Have you successfully secured grants for budding nonprofits?

Do you have experience managing budgets?

Are you passionate about disability advocacy?

We are recruiting a Grant Writer for a fully remote 5-10 hour/week role on our tiny team. $15/hour.

This role is all about finding funding opportunities, sponsors, and corporate partnerships, while managing the organization’s budget. Review the full listing on our site, and send your info right there!

IMAGE DESCRIPTION: This post reads “we are hiring!” The @BachelorsInDisability watermark is visible at the top left of the photo. Next to the “we are hiring”, there is also a graphic of a person working from home at a desk. On the desk, there is a laptop. The person is sitting on a chair and has headphones on. Their eyes are closed, and they appear to be refocusing, with one leg pulled up onto their desk chair. There is a plant besides the laptop. Underneath the desk, a big floppy-eared dog lays down on a rug.


The basics: Fully remote, 5 - 10 hours a week on weekdays, $15 an hour, disabled people/people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

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