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Submit a Video for Our Passion Series

The Passion Series is open to disabled and non-disabled folks of any age and ability. Expressing our passions helps us see what we have in common and shares bridges of conversation between ourselves and others.

What we'd like from you:

  • A short video (no longer than two minutes).

    • Say your name.​

    • Tell us where you're from (if you want).

    • Share the things you love: hobbies, interests, etc! You can share one passion or multiple passions; it's up to you.

  • Some photos or images of your passions. These could be a photo of a collection, you playing a favorite game, an example of the art you make, or anything else you think represents your passions well.

  • Your contact info.

  • Your agreement to grant us use of your submission.

If you'd like to be a part of our series, please fill out the form below!

Choose video file
Choose image file(s)
How would you like to be contacted?

[insert link to agreement here]

Please read the Video and Photo Release Agreement before continuing
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