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Meet Our Team: Ryan Camarda, Head Editor + Invisibly Disabled

Disabled people are leaders on our own experiences. At BiD, where we answer your anonymous questions about disability-- we continue to build a team of people with disabilities ourselves. Meet Ryan. He's our Head Editor, and invisibly disabled himself.

Tune in as he shares what brings him to Bachelor's in Disability, and gives some insight into his own experiences with invisible pain. Transcription below, captions on screen. #OurTeam #Editor #InvisibleDisability #pain


"Hello, my name is Ryan Camarda, and I am the head editor of Bachelor’s in Disability. For a living, I have my own film company, West of Worldly Productions LLC. I wanted to get involved in Bachelor’s in Disability because I am disabled myself, and I see this as an important cause. I am looking forward to seeing this organization grow, and be able to have the network to both receive and answer more of your questions about disability.

I myself have an invisible disability, and beyond the physical pain, there’s an emotional pain, and there’s also a certain sense of paranoia. Like, when I say to people that I am disabled, and I cannot do something, do they look at me and think I am faking it? Or that I’m lazy? It’s… it’s not good.

So, I look forward to answering your questions and editing some of the videos. I hope you have a nice day, bye."

(End transcript.)

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